Update tasks, 2016

Published on 25-07-2016 with tags: New
Continuing our efforts, and staying true to our commitment for the cleaning and maintenance of trails of Andros brings me great pl...
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Overview- First Semester 2015 referring the cleaning of Pathways with the earnings of "Soap by Eleni" sales

Published on 02-07-2015
Carrying on our purpose, we spent in labour force total 1,160 euros in total. In detail:
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New designs inspired by the MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ART OF ANDROS

Published on 23-06-2015
A new series of modern designs inspired by the MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ART OF ANDROS is the new collection of handmade Soap by Elen...
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Lemon Festival 4/11/2015 in Andros!

Published on 18-04-2015
Numerous friends and residents of Andros, visited the Folklore Museum, of Vasilopoulos family, in Chora, in order to admire creati...
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"Soap by Eleni" in the boutique of the ships to Andros

Published on 16-02-2015
Helen's soaps are now and ships for andro ...
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"Soap by Eleni" in Japan

Published on 03-02-2015
Soaps Helen traveled in Japan!
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Products of Andros in Utrecht

Published on 23-01-2015
With a thank-you letter published below thanked Helen for her contribution.
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Andriaki-December 2014

Published on 30-12-2014
“Adriaki Efimerida” Journal, in December 2014, featured an article dedicated to all those people who have contributed to our islan...
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Cleaning Paths in Andros with "Soap by Eleni"

Published on 13-11-2014
Cleaning Paths
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"Soap by Eleni" in New York

Published on 29-08-2014
Soap by Eleni in New York.
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